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Donor Visit - Kayin Bohnet '22, Priscilla Bumpus, and Ted T. Tanse
Megan Dung & Jennifer Burke
The Visit
Priory Junior Kayin Bohnet met donors Priscilla Bumpus and Ted Tanase of the Priscilla Bumpus and Theodore T. Tanase Endowed Scholarship, on campus on April 1, 2021. Priscilla and Ted came all the way from Seattle, WA to meet Kayin, their first scholarship recipient. 
With COVID safety protocols in place, Kayin was able to meet in person with Priscilla and Ted in the Malulani Gallery in Transfiguration Hall. There they chatted about Kayin’s future plans of becoming a mechanical or aerospace engineer for NASA and wanting to send people to Mars and beyond. Coincidentally, mechanical engineering is exactly what Ted studied during his undergraduate years at the University of Michigan. They gushed about their shared dreams of a STEM education and what that meant for women in the field. 
The Priscilla Bumpus and Theodore T. Tanase Endowed Scholarship
Priscilla, a Priory graduate from the Class of 1966, chose St. Andrew’s Schools as the place to start an endowed scholarship because of the big impact The Priory has made on her life.  The memories and experiences she had as a high school student – attending classes with her closest friends, receiving loving guidance and support from her teachers (then the Sisters of the Transfiguration), and attending chapel daily at The Cathedral of St. Andrew – are among the fondest and most precious to her. 
After graduating from The Priory, Priscilla attended the University of Arizona, where she lived and worked for a number of years as a social worker and family therapist. Later in her career, Priscilla grew very interested in physical health and fitness, becoming a licensed fitness instructor and entrepreneur with a number of businesses in both Arizona and Seattle. It was in Arizona where she met Ted on the tennis courts.  This meeting led to a second marriage for both Ted and Priscilla, and years of raising their two blended families together, eventually making their home in Seattle, Washington.  
While Priscilla and Ted enjoy spending quality time with their children and grandchildren, Ted spends his spare time serving as an entrepreneurial consultant to emerging health tech companies. Ted himself was the founder of Ensocare, a health care coordination software company that works with hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care facilities to provide web-based care coordination solutions to manage patient care transitions, and reduce length of stay and readmissions. 
Both Priscilla and Ted value education in the STEM fields and encourage more women to enter the science and tech industries.  To demonstrate their commitment to supporting students in STEM education, they endowed scholarships at both St. Andrew’s Schools and Ted’s alma mater, the University of Michigan.
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