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In Memoriam: Florence Kuwashima
St. Andrew's Schools
Florence Takako Matsumoto Kuwashima, 86, passed away at home on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 in Torrance, CA. 
Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi with her two sisters Mary and Christiana (Chrissie), “Flo” Kuwashima attended St. Andrew’s Priory from kindergarten through high school. She was the senior class president of the graduating class of 1952. An accomplished pianist and organist, Flo was the school’s student organist for daily chapel services. It was at St. Andrew’s Priory that Flo developed close, long-lasting friendships with Myrtle, Phyllis, Janet, Jeanne, Roberta, and others, with many of those friends spending time with her in the last years, months, and days of her life.
Phyllis Shuck-Gee remembers meeting Flo at Priory in 7th grade where “we loved our recesses and lunch hour when could amuse ourselves under the Ylang Ylang tree in conversations, games, etc.” 
After completing graduate school at New York University, Flo married Terry Kuwashima and moved to California where she raised two children, Laurie and Gary, and taught full-time in the Los Angeles United School District for 34 years. Toward the end of Flo’s teaching career, she was selected as the 10th District’s Teacher of the Year in 2000. She was an active member at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Torrance, where she volunteered during her teaching career and afterward in retirement. She was the proud grandmother of two grandsons, Joseph and Michael Kuwashima.
Flo’s interests included music, theater, travel, and mystery novels. She was servant-hearted to all whom she cared for and she supported St. Andrew’s Schools throughout her lifetime. 
She was preceded in death by her parents, Sadamu and Shinayo Matsumoto, and youngest sister, Chrissie.
She is survived by sister Mary Matsumoto Miyamasu '55.