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Priory in the City Internship Spotlight: Lesley Bray-Toguchi
Elizabeth McDonnell

By Mikayla Maeshiro ’22

Through the Priory in the City class, senior Lesley Bray-Toguchi is working on a project aimed to encourage sustainability within the St. Andrew’s Schools community. In 2019, she started designing a hydroponics system in her Engineering class as a freshman.

“It started my interest in hydroponics and engineering, which is why I took the class,” says Lesley. 

As the years passed, Lesley experienced some bumps in the road. She constantly overcame hurdles and learned along the way.

“In a way, I had to figure it out on my own,” Lesley said.  “I started this project with absolutely no knowledge of engineering, so I had to self-teach and spent quite a lot of late nights sketching and thinking. Overall, it was a lot of trial and error.” 

Now, as a senior, Lesley has one goal in mind: to complete the creation of the hydroponics system. “Currently, I am working with Mr. Rauckhorst, who studied engineering in college, so I can finally finish this project from freshman year,” she said.

Lesley’s long-term goal is to be able to grow vegetables and herbs that the school can use for lunch in partnership with FoodStart. Lesley also states, “I hope that with the success of the project, more students will want to grow healthy produce for the school. I envision the school expanding on this hydroponics system.”

With her perseverance and determination, and lots of excitement, Lesley Bray-Toguchi feels ready to complete her high school career by creating a positive impact that will surely be continued for years to come.