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Easter STEAM Activity in the Priory
Elizabeth McDonnell

Our Priory Kinder class got a huge surprise last week during their STEAM Peeps project! 

This Easter-themed activity integrated language arts, math, science, social studies, and was created by Priory teacher Ms. Koseki who wanted to teach a lesson in responsibility. Each kindergartner made an Easter “Peep”, named it, colored it, and then finished by measuring and weighing the “baby Peeps”. Then the kinder students spent a few days caring for their handmade peeps -- even at lunch and on the playground! The students documented the project by taking notes on what their Peeps liked to do, what they liked to eat, and what activities they enjoyed. “I spent all of nap time figuring out what kind of vegetable soup to make for my Peep to keep it healthy,” one student remarked. 

“We first had a big discussion about how their parents take care of them, keeping them safe, healthy, and happy. I said, “Your parents don’t play toss with you in the air. They don’t leave you by yourself at a playground, hoping to find you when they’re done running around.” Koseki said.  “The children did really well in being responsible!” 

But after day two, trouble began when the students decided the Peeps could have an overnight sleepover in the classroom.  “Little did we know that they would not do a lot of sleeping but did get into a lot of mischief!“ Koseki shared. When the students returned to the classroom the next morning, the room was messy! With the help of Koseki’s former students a “Peep mess” was made in the night- an idea that came from the three upper school students who thought the younger Priory girls might think it was hilarious that the Peeps had had a party while they were away. The kindergarteners were so excited and amazed at what they saw when they returned after the sleepover! The kindergartners took charge by cleaning up and laughing about the trouble the Peeps had found themselves in.

“Peeps do things you don’t want them to do,” one student said when she saw the mess. “I had to clean up all the mess my Peep made. I still love my Peep even though she was naughty.”