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Global Girls-Global Action Project Series: The Final Projects
St. Andrew's Schools

In this yearlong course, students in Global Girls-Global Action produce a research project that can fulfill their Independent Inquiry requirement for graduation, especially if they are seeking to graduate with our Global Leadership Distinction. This is often their first encounter with in-depth academic research. However, a critical part of this course is also its “action” component: students are tasked to find creative ways to make positive changes regarding their chosen issue. 

Throughout her senior year, Luphia put a lot of effort into this Sustainable Fashion project and the related research, both done in the context of the course. Her passion for this topic developed after her internship at YWCA Oʻahu for her Priory in the City class. Luphia realized that sustainable fashion is not only about recycling or upcycling unwanted clothes. She learned that reusing them to help people has great social value and should also be part of how we think about fashion.

Researching ‘how fashion can survive while at the same time becoming more sustainable,” Luphia came to understand the existing tensions between successful fashion businesses and the limits imposed by ethics. Much creativity is needed to reconcile both. 

For her Action Project, Luphia chose to create a top out of soda can pull tabs and to share it on social media to inspire others. To her, it symbolizes the great potential of sustainable fashion. Since she is planning to major in fashion design, she hopes to find many more ways to contribute to sustainable fashion in the future. For now, you can find Luphia’s creations on Instagram @ll22_priory