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Students and Faculty Create Their Charters
St. Andrew's Schools

SAS continues our involvement as a member school with RULER created by Yale's Center for Emotional IntelligenceRULER is a systematic approach to social and emotional learning that aims to infuse the principles of emotional intelligence into schools, informing how leaders lead, teachers teach, students learn, and families support students. To kick start this year's community-wide efforts, the Lower School faculty and staff developed our RULER anchor tool, the Charter. The full Lower School team gathered and discussed the two guiding questions of the Charter:

  1. How would we like to feel in school?
  2. How will we help each other and ourselves to experience these feelings?

On the first day of school, Upper School students gathered in their advisory classrooms for a Zoom meeting hosted by SAS Wellness Director Mara Garcia. Students were (re)introduced to RULER and the philosophy behind the anchor tools. Students were then asked to consider their typical experience while at school and encouraged to begin this school year with self-efficacy. How would you like to feel in school? How will we help each other and ourselves to experience these feelings?

Students were guided through a series of activities to move them towards individual, small group, and then a grade level discussion on these guiding questions. In advisory classes, students will continue their efforts towards the development of their class charters. 

Lower School classroom teachers are in the process of developing their class charters in developmentally appropriate formats that meet their students’ unique needs and interests. 

We look forward to sharing images of our K-12 class charters in the coming weeks.