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Class of 1975 Reunion
Anela Akana
The Class of 1975 held their 45-year reunion(s) over Zoom as their original plan to gather in October 2020 at the Pagoda Floating Restaurant, was canceled due to the pandemic. Two Zoom calls ensued – one in September and another in November – to accommodate as many as possible. Twelve were able to join in September and another sixteen logged on in November. Participants Zoomed in from Hawai'i, California, Washington, Idaho, Texas, England, and even from outer space! The Class of 1975 had a great time catching up and enjoying each other's company as they reminisced about their time at the Priory. They are looking forward to their 50th class reunion in 2025!
Pictured (from top row going down left to right): Cindy Kim Konda, Cindy Seto Hartwell, Marj Awai, Cheryl Nakamura Overlock, Diane Honda Sugahara, Edy Kim Nakamura, Amanda Brumme Forsyth, Charlene Nakamura Leong, Kathy Hammar Pryor, Laurie Tsuyemura Webb, Kim Morrison DisPennett, Lori Taniguchi, Patti Chong Chun, Dawn Contemplo Cain, Cheryl Fong Taam, Valerie Fong Asari, Shauna Tseu Williams, Patti Ikeda, Janice Wong Jensen, and Deby Takafuji Yasuda Pang