QEP Bi-Monthly Blog: April 1
Susan Okoga, QEP Director
Return From Spring Break
Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed spending time with your children doing all the fun things you’ve wanted to do. The children came back sharing excitedly what they did with you and with their grandparents. They were also eager to play with their friends; the sound of their laughter filled the school. Many of the children came running and bouncing into the gate and we had to remind them to say and wave goodbye to you. 
You also mentioned that your children kept asking about when they were returning to school and saying they missed their teachers and friends. What a wonderful feeling knowing that the children enjoy school so much that they just couldn’t wait to come back. This is the kind of school experience we hope for all children: That they feel such joy coming to school and learning with their friends, because they have teachers who care so much about them.
Easter Egg Hunt
Today we celebrated Easter by wearing pastel colors and having an Easter egg hunt. The eggs were hidden outside and the children ran around the yard looking everywhere. The joy on their faces when they found their eggs was priceless. 
As adults, we often forget how the simple things can bring so much joy to young children. They will remember and talk about those things for a long time. Over this Easter weekend, I hope you will enjoy the small moments and add to the memories that your family cherishes throughout your lives.