QEP Bi-Monthly Blog: April 15
Susan Okoga, QEP Director
Easter Egg Hunt

On the morning of our egg hunt, the weather was rainy and windy but nothing was going to stop us from having FUN! So Plan B went into effect. Each class had their designated time to wait under the tent while Uncle Glenn and I hid the eggs and their mini notebooks.  

The determined look on the children’s faces as they searched their classroom to find an egg and notebook was priceless. It was memorable to see their big smiles when they spotted one and hear their squeals of laughter when they opened the egg to find it filled with a mini bottle of bubbles and a robot or car crayon. And the cute animal face mini notebook was the perfect treat to write and draw on. 

The simple joys that children enjoy can also lift the spirits of adults, especially for those who choose to work with young children every day. Thank you to the teachers at Queen Emma Preschool for putting your heart and soul into everything you do!!!

Hawaiʻi - Our Island Home

In April and May, the children will be learning about Hawaii and where we all live.  They will learn about the islands; how they were created (volcanoes); the State bird, flower, and fish; plants and flowers; songs and dance; and so much more.

To kick off our learning about the islands, the two older classes each created a volcano and invited everyone to watch this video of our lesson on how the volcanoes erupted.

PS: Below are pictures of our Easter Egg Hunt from earlier in the month.