QEP Bi-Monthly Blog: April 29
Susan Okoga, QEP Director
Safety First
We have done a great job keeping children, families and our staff safe. We continue to ask you for your support. Please drive slowly through our driveway, follow traffic controller and screener instructions, and allow enough time to arrive at school, go through the drop-off procedure, and then be safely on your way.
For those who choose to walk in, please walk along Dowsett Avenue, enter the exit, and wait at the designated area for drop-off and pick-up.  DO NOT walk in the driveway. 
Warmer Weather
As the weather has gotten much warmer in the past few weeks, we want to remind you to dress your child accordingly. Please be sure to have an extra set of clothes and a sweater or jacket in your child’s backpack at all times.  The weather can still be unpredictable so being prepared is always a good idea.
Outdoor Play
Being outdoors is so much fun and just as important as indoor learning. We are so fortunate to have great outdoor play spaces that allow most of the classes to be outside every day! 
The tricycle area allows time to develop children’s large motor skills such as running, skipping, or riding a tricycle, and their social and imaginative skills as children cook and picnic together and draw colorful pictures using chalk.
The side yard encourages cooperative and physical play as children climb on the structures and go down the slides, build upper body muscles going across the monkey bars, and build lower body muscles by riding the swings as they pump their legs to keep on swinging. Large grassy areas encourage children to roll and tumble and play games of hide-and-seek and chase.  
What a Surprise!
Last week, the staff and children of QEP surprised me on Administrative Professionals Day. All of the classes gathered in the tricycle area and the teachers thanked me for all the things that I do for both the children and staff.  They presented me with a lei, wishes of gratitude, and a gift card. The children were so happy to gather together, and it brought tears to my eyes to see how many children we have enrolled now and how happy they all are to be here at QEP!  
The teachers and staff of QEP are AWESOME!! We all work tirelessly every day to keep the children safe, the facility cleaned and sanitized, and work to support not only the children and families but each other as well.
THANK YOU for all you do in supporting me in our efforts to provide the best care for the children, in a loving and nurturing environment, where work is PLAY for everyone!!!

M-F               May 3 - 7          Teacher Appreciation Week        See flyer in your class folder
Saturday       May 22              Drive Through Graduation         Save the Date (children transitioning to kindergarten)
M-F               May 24 - 28       Spirit Week                                See flyer in your class folder  

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