QEP Bi-Monthly Blog: January 28
Susan Okoga, QEP Director
Now that the new has begun, so has the wintery, rainy, and windy weather. The mornings are very dark and the roads are wet so please drive slowly and carefully as the rain impedes your visibility and roads are slick. There are many staff screeners and traffic controls in our driveway so stay alert and leave room between you and the surrounding vehicles to help keep everyone safe. 
The temperature is cooler but the weather is unpredictable so dressing your child in warmer clothes is a good idea. With the cooler weather, we find that the children have more bathroom accidents and as they run and play, they often get warm and will take off their long-sleeved shirts or long pants so packing extra sets of clothes is important. Staying too warm is uncomfortable so we advise dressing your child in layers and always bringing a sweater or jacket.
Please provide a blanket that your child can snuggle under during nap as their body temperature drops as they remain still on their mats. The blanket also helps them calm down and relax, and provides a cozy feeling while they rest.  
Taking care of our bodies, especially during this COVID pandemic, and staying healthy during the flu season is so important for the health and safety of our school and your family.  Wearing a mask, keeping 6’ social distance, and washing your hands often will help all of us!