QEP Bi-Monthly Blog: May 27
Anela Akana
Have a good summer!
It is with a grateful heart that I write this final eNews article to our QEP families and the teachers and staff of Queen Emma Preschool. This past year was filled with uncertainty and great concern for our families, children, and our QEP teachers and staff.  
Together we created a distance learning curriculum that we shared with all the families to support their child’s learning during the pandemic until the time when we could return to in-person classes, which is the way we know children learn best..
The staff worked tirelessly in preparation for our summer opening. They helped clean and sanitize the entire facility, created and implemented all the necessary safety protocols, and bravely and with open arms welcomed the families back for summer school.
Then in the fall of 2020, we opened for the new school year and continued to enroll our families and new families, well into 2021. Now, many of you are looking forward to a new journey as your child transitions to kindergarten.
It is with great pride that I reflect on how much the children have grown, learned and matured. It was in school that you could hear the laughter of the children as they learned and played with both the children and the caring adults. 
I want to wish all of you success as you transition to a new school or a new class and to thank you for trusting and believing in us with the care of your children. Please take care and stay safe!