QEP Bi-Monthly Blog: November 5
Susan Okoga, QEP Director
Halloween Fun
Halloween is a fun time for young children with lots of art, crafts, dressing up, imagination, and more. To get in the spirit of this festive event, our teachers read Halloween stories, taught the children many Halloween songs, and created art with pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, and spiders. The classrooms were decorated with all the children’s Halloween creations.
Wednesday was Orange Day and some children came to school dressed in orange from head-to-toe.  I set up a pumpkin hunt and the children used their eyes as they searched in their designated play spaces to find the mini pumpkins that were hidden in the grass, under benches, behind a pole, under or on the deck of the play structure, near the swings, in the houses in the trike area, in a planter, and even in their class in a bin with toys. Every child had one and to their delight, they were small enough to carry around and then take home! The children also enjoyed watching as the other classes came out to hunt for their pumpkins.
Costumes are the best part of Halloween and even more fun if you can create your own. The children dressed up and joined all their friends in the tricycle area as each class sang a song and then paraded to proudly show off their costumes. Using your imagination is fun and is not reserved for only children as the adults at Queen Emma clearly had lots of fun too!
We love to help our students learn to celebrate holidays through the activities they enjoy at school. These shared experiences help them create fun memories, build strong bonds with their teachers and fellow students, and feel a sense of belonging to our QEP ʻohana.