QEP Bi-Monthly Blog: October 8
Susan Okoga
Successful First Month of School
The first weeks of school have gone extremely well. Only a few children had tears for just a couple of days then eagerly walked with their teacher to their class as they waved good-bye to their parents. Many of the parents were surprised at the ease of the transition, though some had tears in their eyes as they waved goodbye. Returning to pick up their children, parents’ worried looks soon turned to big smiles as they watched their children come out of the building with smiles on their faces, hand-in-hand with their teachers. 
The teachers and staff at Queen Emma Preschool are awesome and truly the “Super Stars” as they stepped up to the challenge and implemented all the best practices to keep the children and themselves safe. They cheerfully support each other daily in coordinating all the work that has to be done and return the next day to do it all over again. I am grateful to my amazing team for their dedication to the children and families and to each other.
Every morning, the teachers greet the children and parents at drop-off and walk them to their class. Then at pick up, they walk each child to their parents waiting at their cars. Throughout the day, the teachers provide indoor and outdoor learning opportunities for the children to interact with each other and play together safely.  
We have created 6’ distances between classes and limit the crossing of staff to prevent exposure and maintain the ʻohana bubble for each class. Although it is not necessary to distance within each class, the teachers created smaller groups of children for morning meetings and snacks, as well as for storytime and lunch. They also established centers where two children can play together. 
Teachers clean and sanitize all the high-touch areas before we open, after morning snack, before going outside mid-morning, after lunch, and after the afternoon snack. During the naptime, they sanitize all the toys the children played with, sanitize the trike area playhouses, and all the high-touch areas. While doing all this, they also communicate with parents by sending text messages and photos of their children playing with their friends, along with other necessary daily communication.
We do want to say “Thank you!!” to our wonderful parents for your support and for placing your trust in us to keep your children safe and engaged in their learning. We also appreciate the healthy lunches that you pack for your child each day that looks so delicious. You take the time to fill your child’s lunch boxes with fresh fruits and vegetables, sandwiches, musubi, chicken nuggets, yogurt with fruit, and thermos containers with soups, pasta, rice with chicken, and more! The children look forward to lunchtime as they know what you have packed for them or sometimes they share that their lunch will be a surprise!
Our environment is a bit different than before, but our classes are still filled with love, care, and laughter. We have had to be flexible and make changes along the way and you made the necessary adjustment to support our changes. Your constant show of appreciation and words of encouragement keep us going. Together we are making it happen!
Upcoming dates:
Friday, October 16              Spirit Day - Wear Your QEP t-shirt 
Wednesday, October 28     Orange Day - Wear Orange
Thursday, October 29         Halloween - Create a Costume
Friday, October 30              Teacher Professional Day - School Closed