ABC Stores Supports Music Education at St. Andrew’s Schools

ABC Stores has donated $20,000 to St. Andrew’s Schools in support of music education. The gift will be used to purchase new musical instruments and will increase student access to quality music programs at St. Andrew’s. A long-time supporter of the school, ABC Stores has also supported St. Andrew’s Schools’ visual and performing arts programs and campus beautification renovation projects.

“My family and I have a deep appreciation of education and music and we believe it’s fundamental to a well-rounded education,” said Susan Kosasa, ‘66 alumna. “Our graduating class just celebrated our 50th reunion at The Priory and I’m so pleased that this gift will encourage students to explore their passions in music and the arts.”

“We are so grateful to the Kosasa family and the ABC Stores for their generous support,” said Dr. Ruth R. Fletcher, Head of School. “Music education requires creativity, imagination, adaptability, intuition, expression, interpretation, persistence, and a willingness to learn new things – all essential skills for a child’s future.”

The school’s founder, Queen Emma Kaleleonālani, was well educated in music and today, music and the arts are embedded into student life, school culture and the curriculum for each grade level, from Pre-K to 12th grade.

St. Andrew’s Schools is located in Downtown Honolulu, adjacent to The Cathedral of St. Andrew, the Governor’s Mansion, and the State Capitol. The School was established in 1867 with the opening of The Priory, Oʻahu’s first all-girls school. As children’s educational needs have evolved over time, so too has the school. The family of schools is now made up of The Priory, The Prep, and Queen Emma Preschool.

HMSA Foundation: Caring for the Health of Our Keiki

HMSA Foundation generously donated over $42,000 to launch the E Mālama Ke Kino (Health and Wellness) program at St. Andrew’s Schools. E Mālama Ke Kino is now incorporated into the school’s curriculum to teach children to live a balanced, healthy life and practice the skills to become productive, fulfilled community members.

“It is imperative for children to be educated from an early age about the benefits of physical activity and nutrition, and encouraged to actively apply that learning in their daily lives,” said Sophie Halliday, Director of Educational Programs at St. Andrew’s Schools. “Research highlights the connection between nutrition, physical activity, and academic achievement. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the quality of food that children eat, the amount of physical activity that children engage in, and a student’s fitness level have profound impacts on their academic achievement and executive function abilities. We want to teach our students these skills early on so their practice becomes habit.”

Activities planned for the school’s health and wellness program include gardening of fruits and vegetables, nutritional cooking classes for families, physical education, field trips, and the social-emotional practice of mindfulness.

E Mālama Ke Kino seeks to create a powerful and symbiotic learning and living community, one that will ensure our students’ health now and far into the future. St. Andrew’s Schools is pleased to partner with the HMSA Foundation and Kapiʻolani Community College to teach its students the practice of healthy lifestyle and behaviors at the school’s oasis location in downtown Honolulu.