The Prep
Boys K-6

The Prep opened its doors in 2014 to foster a healthy learning environment for boys and is currently serving grades K-6 for the 2020-2021 school year. The Prep embraces and celebrates the energy, talents and interests of boys. The Prep’s curriculum and teaching pedagogy:

  • Allows boys to excel at their own pace and gain confidence as learners
  • Encourages boys to pursue their interests and appreciate the unique gifts and talents in themselves and others
  • Actively breaks down gender stereotypes
  • Leverages boys’ strengths as learners and enhances their academic achievement
  • Supports growth as an individual and as a member of the community
  • Promotes thoughtfulness, empathy, and kindness, and
  • Challenges boys to engage in moral and ethical decision-making

Students at The Prep enjoy a rich, diverse curriculum. Through developmentally appropriate yet challenging lessons, discussions, and activities, the boys will experience success and also learn how to deal with failure. Students take responsibility for their own learning. Through a balance of active and reflective experiences, the boys are able to achieve well- being, acquire knowledge and celebrate success.