A Pre-K through Grade 12 Coordinate School Located in Honolulu

Welcome to The Prep!

Our focus this coming school year is strengthening and aligning our educational programs more closely to our renewed and forward-thinking School mission and vision.

Relevant, hands-on approaches are ensured through our signature programs; students’ interests guide the educational journey of each individual; their energy, fun nature, and deep curiosity is harnessed and focused to create positive outcomes for each child and their school community. All of this is facilitated by loving and nurturing educators who know and understand the children they work with so that they can create the fertile ground for your son to flourish.

Social and emotional development is what defines the character of an individual. With this in mind The Prep has built a social/emotional curriculum that is integrated into the overall educational experience of The Prep.

Guided by our overarching Hawaiian Values, essential social and emotional skills are cultivated through various themes, units, and practices. In this process, students are given a toolkit of methods to engage with the challenges school and everyday life has to offer.

We are honored to be a part of your son’s learning journey.