The Prep offers a challenging and rigorous curriculum that promotes the joy and love for the pursuit of knowledge. Students experience an interdisciplinary curriculum where all academic and specialty subjects support meaningful learning. Support and enrichment are provided based on the needs of each child.

The Prep builds solid spiritual, academic, social, emotional, and physical foundations in an environment of love, respect, and support. Classroom environments are safe, respectful, and nurturing, and students benefit from strong mentor relationships with their teachers and other adults. All children are celebrated and appreciated for their unique talents and gifts.


The Prep’s unique program recognizes that boys and girls need distinct learning environments, sequencing of curriculum, and pedagogical approaches to thrive. Current research on neuroscience and developmentally appropriate practices have renewed our commitment to single-gender education. By differentiating our curriculum, teaching, and social- emotional support to address the different needs of boys and girls, our students are free to dream, learn, and grow.


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