The Prep offers an age-appropriate learning journey that helps boys develop a love for learning. In addition to the basic academic elements, such as reading, writing and math, the class experience includes adventure, exploration and discovery, opportunities to build, create and problem solve through an integrated curriculum of the arts, humanities, and sciences, and very importantly, physical activity and movement. All this is delivered in a collaborative, boy-friendly setting. Examples of programs offered at The Prep, include:

E Malama Ke Kino – Health and wellness encompass both physical and social-emotional dimensions and provide the foundations for happy, smart, thriving children. E Mālama I Ke Kino (Take Care of Your Body) fosters the development of a healthy mind, body, and spirit of our keiki through physical, appreciation for nature, and attention to taking care of oneself and each others. E Mālama I Ke Kino lays the groundwork for healthy minds, bodies, and spirits.

STEAM:Ed Up! – Our students are budding scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and programmers. From Kindergarten, our students learn to think like scientists and engineers as they ask, imagine, plan, and create towards collaboratively creating solutions to problems. Whether participating in Engineering Design Challenges, building, robots, or gardening, our boys engage in multiple hands-on opportunities that challenge our students to think critically, ask good questions, exercise their creativity, and share their knowledge with others.

Social-Emotional Learning – Social-emotional wellness is at the core of happy, grounded children. The Prep’s approach to social-emotional learning is tailored specifically to boys’ needs. They take part in mindfulness practice and are given opportunities to explore who they are as individuals, learn how to productively resolve differences, and learn how they can contribute meaningfully to their community.