The Power of Play

Play has a large role when it comes to social emotional learning at The Prep. This is where the skills introduced and learned in the classroom are applied and executed in real life. Our approach is research guided:

  • Compassion, Awareness, Respect, Cooperation, and Teamwork are at the center of our play policy (Hawaiian Values).
  • Policy creates an environment conducive for all children, especially boys.
  • Structured play allows for the integration of social/emotional themes along with the academics.
  • Unstructured play, with close supervision, creates true opportunities for social and emotional growth – experience is the best teacher.
  • Play is essential for children and their growth; Morning activity, daily PE, and two lengthy recesses allows for adequate play, crucial for growth in every area of child development.

Our multifaceted approach helps the children seek to become socially and emotionally skilled on their own. Given the real sense of autonomy, students find an intrinsic reason for striving to build real character. They see the benefit of working with others and want the skills it takes to foster relationships. This desire builds the character needed to successfully collaborate in the 21st century.

Healthy minds and healthy bodies are nourished with kind and encouraging words, inspiring academic lessons, physical activity, and appropriate nutritional choices.