Developmental Curriculum

Recognizing the preschool years as the most significant time of your child’s life, we focus our program on building a strong foundation for learning, rather than short term achievements such as by rote learning or memorization. Long term attitudes, values, and skills are forming through the child’s experiences. Therefore, our greatest concern is the development of a positive self-concept and a joy of learning.

In these early years children are not in competition with one another and comparisons made concerning their progress are often invalid. Academics are an important part of our program ranking equally with social, emotional, and physical development. A child’s own interest is often an indication of readiness for new challenges. Persistent encouragement and patience are essential from adults as well as recognizing when “not to push.”

Queen Emma Preschool seeks to prepare children to the fullest extent possible for their elementary school years. Children at Queen Emma Preschool may continue their education at St. Andrew’s Schools which offers a K-12 program for girls and a K-6 program for boys. Our graduates have gone on to do well in a wide variety of public and private schools, many with highly challenging and competitive programs. It is consistently reported that these children are well-rounded in their preparation for kindergarten, have confidence in themselves, and are eager to learn. Their experiences from Queen Emma Preschool have helped them make the adjustment to larger and more demanding environments.