Welcome to Queen Emma Preschool
2020-21 School Year


Happy New Year!
We hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and celebrated the coming of the New Year with good food and good fun -- and that you were able to create many memories with your family. 
The children were very excited to return to school and their non-stop talking and laughing expressed the joy they shared while working and playing with their teachers and friends. The children were immersed in play and the day flew by so quickly. There were children who even cried at the end of the day because they were not ready to go home.
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Happy Holidays!
Celebrating the holidays this year will be different but may be more enjoyable and peaceful if you focus on celebrating with just a few close family members. Preparing for the holidays often creates more stress. Having to take children shopping to buy gifts for family and friends; preparing elaborate meals; and traveling long distances to visit family on long flights, navigating crowded airports, and trying to keep tired children entertained can be exhausting.
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Happy Thanksgiving!!!
I hope all of you enjoyed Thanksgiving with your family, maybe in a different way this year, but still you were able to celebrate with those you love. Even during these challenging times, there is so much to be grateful for. We are grateful for our family, our health, and the relationships we have with each other. We are grateful for the children and families of Queen Emma Preschool who come together each day to learn how to play, to learn how to treat others with kindness and respect, and to build strong life skills with caring and nurturing adults.   
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Halloween is a fun time for young children with lots of art, crafts, dressing up, imagination, and more. To get in the spirit of this festive event, our teachers read Halloween stories, taught the children many Halloween songs, and created art with pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, and spiders. The classrooms were decorated with all the children’s Halloween creations.

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Intentional Morning Greetings

As the children returned to school, our emphasis was on being supportive and developing a positive relationship with each child. The children had been at home for many months and then returned to a school that looked very different. To help them make this transition, the children returned to the class that they had left in March before being introduced to their new class with new teachers.

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The first weeks of school have gone extremely well. Only a few children had tears for just a couple of days then eagerly walked with their teacher to their class as they waved good-bye to their parents. Many of the parents were surprised at the ease of the transition, though some had tears in their eyes as they waved goodbye.

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