Beginning in Kindergarten and continuing throughout high school, Priory students experience a rigorous learning journey centered around discovery, inquiry, practice, creativity, and self-reflection.  Complimented by a well balanced curriculum with offerings in the sciences, arts, and humanities, girls develop practical life skills essential for success in all areas of learning.  Traits such as perseverance, agility, adaptability, curiosity, open-mindedness, critical thinking, and collaboration are emphasized daily.

St. Andrew’s Schools has long recognized that today’s classrooms, like today’s world, are much more dynamic than just a decade ago.  In order to prepare our students for this ever-changing world, students are invited to pursue their passions both in and out of the classroom.  Whether doing scientific research, writing computer code, performing, or participating in internships, Priory girls are exploring, investigating, questioning, collaborating, and reflecting as they share and grow from their successes and challenges.  As responsible citizens, they engage in important local and global issues, acting as change leaders.

Our graduates leave well prepared for their next challenge of college.  Sixty-two percent of the Class of 2016 graduated with honors and 54% (well over the national average of 25%) chose STEM majors in college.