Eō Ke Kuini



Congratulations, students!

Kaʻipo Bailey-Walsh, The Priory Lower School Principal





Keiki Kūlia Award

The Citizenship: Keiki Kūlia Award is presented to one student in each grade who shows a positive attitude toward classmates, school and the community. This student displays an understanding and appreciation of responsibility and work ethic. Finally, and most significantly, this student possesses a strength of character and the courage to do what is right.


Ka ʻImi Naʻauao Award

The Passion for Learning: Ka ʻImi Naʻauao Award is given to one student in grades K-2 and in each of the four main subject areas in grades 3-5. Recipients have been described as having a habit of going above and beyond in the classroom, a hunger for gaining wisdom and knowledge, and an eagerness for sharing all they have learned. 


E Hoʻoulu Award

Having a Growth Mindset: E Hoʻoulu Award is given to one student from each specialty class: Art K-5, Music K-5, Haleuluhe K-5, Technology K-5, and P.E. K-5. To grow, one must have perseverance – a combination of resilience and a growth mindset. During the school year, these students have demonstrated the following:
  • Shows a positive attitude, humility and full effort towards the given subject area
  • Through hard work, this student has greatly improved skills practiced during the year
  • Stays resilient and engaged with any challenges or failures they have faced


2019-20 Priory Lower School Spelling Bee

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2019-20 St. Andrew's Priory Geography Bee