Honoring Priory Choir Seniors

Online learning has been a big change for many in our school community, but none perhaps more than our Performing Arts program.  As group ensembles, each discipline - Strings, Choir, and Band, requires its own unique collaboration of face-to-face rehearsals to create that “ensemble” sound that our St. Andrew’s community enjoys at every concert.  Navigating the distance learning platform has been challenging, but our students have risen to the occasion to do their best.  In Choir, we’ve created individual recordings and compiled them into the virtual choir format, but nothing can beat singing together in class each day.
Each year, the Priory Performing Arts honors its seniors at their respective Spring Concerts.  As you know, we were not able to hold our Spring Concert this month, but it was important for us to hold on to this senior moment, as it perpetuates the camaraderie between our Seniors and the underclassmen.  After discussing as a choir, we decided that a virtual presentation on a public platform, just like our concert, would be the best way to honor our seniors.
Please enjoy the virtual presentations by our underclassmen to seniors Shaye Nishimura and Stephanie Albaña, as well as from our seniors to our underclassmen.



Farewell Messages for Stephanie

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Farewell Messages for Shaye

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Seniors Farewell to Choir

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Letter From Mr. Souza

To our seniors…

Shaye - When arranging music for women's’ voices, the bottom alto part is often the foundation upon which the song is built.  Like your voice part, you have been the solid foundation for our choir this year.  You hold yourself with poise and grace; traits that our founder, Queen Emma, would be proud of.  Thank you for being a role model for our underclassmen, and someone that they could turn to for comfort and friendship.  We will miss you greatly, and your talents will forever remain with us as a choir.

Stephanie - I admire you for the leadership that you’ve demonstrated for our choir and the school community over the past year.  Your friendly personality and open communication have made you so easy to work with, and each class I see your classmates enjoying their time spent with you.  These traits will take you far in whatever you decide to pursue in life.  

Both of you have made us so proud of the work you have done...I wish that in the current situation, we could have only made more memories together as a group.  I can confidently say that you are your personal best, that you are engaged in the world, and that you are an inspiration that makes this world more humane and just.  


Mr. Souza

Upper School Choir Teacher