Lower School K-6


The Priory Lower School is committed to the intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual development of each girl from the first day of kindergarten. A Priory student will begin her journey in the Lower School with the promise that she will be valued and celebrated from her very first day. She will thrive in a learning environment that fosters inquiry and intellectual risk taking, and where she will be encouraged to problem solve, imagine, and ask, “How else? Why? and What if?” Social-emotional learning goes hand in hand with personalized learning and differentiated instruction.

By using the latest research-based programs such as Girls Circle, Growth Mindset, and Mindfulness, our students build their social competencies: cooperation, collaboration, assertion, and kindness. Children learn to act with integrity and consideration for others through the spiritual life of The Priory as well as purposeful instruction and nurturing relationships between students and teachers. The Priory Lower School curriculum comes together to perpetuate Queen Emma’s vision of encouraging and inspiring young girls to become life-long learners and leaders in their communities.

"We love that Maya and Leia are excited when they tell us about their school day and what they’re learning about and participating in. They love their teachers, their school mates and their intimate campus. To know that a school could make kids happy about being in school really speaks to St. Andrew’s being an engaging, encouraging and caring learning environment.  In a word, the school is “aloha.” Our girls could not be where they are and who they are without the awesome faculty and staff. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"  

-       Audrey Uyema Pak and Pete Galvez, Parents of The Priory fifth grader Maya and first grader Leia