Scope & Sequence

The Priory and The Prep’s unique Lower School programs recognize that boys and girls need distinct learning environments, curriculum sequences, and pedagogical approaches to thrive.

The primary goal of The Priory’s Lower School program is to help each student achieve her potential in authentic, meaningful ways within a framework that encourages respect, resourcefulness, and responsibility.

The Priory Lower School is committed to:

  • Teaching to the distinct learning styles of girls, while developing critical thinking skills
  • Recognizing that academic excellence is of great importance, and the discovery and development of a girl’s individual potential is paramount
  • Participating in community service projects and collaborative activities that foster responsible and caring behavior
  • Providing opportunities for girls to build, design, and calculate, thus preparing them for rigorous challenges in higher-level math and science courses
  • Offering an environment in which girls can find their “voices,” develop their leadership skills and discover their many strengths and passions

You may download the Lower School Scope & Sequence for curriculum matrices, which provide the progression of learning by grade level.