E Mālama I Ke Kino – Health and wellness encompass both physical and social-emotional dimensions and provide the foundations for happy, smart, thriving children. E Mālama I Ke Kino (Take Care of Your Body) fosters the development of a healthy mind, body, and spirit by fostering physical strength and resilience, appreciation for nature, and focus on how to take care of oneself and others

STEAM:Ed Up! – A leader in educational innovation, The Priory recognizes that students need to be able to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing, complex world. Of particular urgency to girls and young women, and society in general, is the need to close the large gap in STEM leadership, particularly in the fields of mathematics, engineering, computer sciences, and physical sciences. Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are also developed through the Engineering Design Process starting in Kindergarten and continuing through high school.

Priory in the City – St. Andrew’s Priory is footsteps from the seat of government, businesses, nonprofit organizations, arts and cultural centers, and healthcare systems. Priory in the City leverages the school’s Downtown Honolulu location to nurture the next generation of women leaders through networking, mentoring and internships in the heart of the city and provides students relevant, real-life experiences in the workplace.

Social-Emotional Learning – The Priory is committed to fostering happy, thoughtful, and resilient students. Through girl-centric social-emotional programs such as mindfulness and Girls Circle, students learn how to develop awareness and empathy for self and others and learn to be agile in an ever-changing world.

iPriory – Our approach to learning creates opportunities for high school students to strengthen their higher order thinking skills and develop strong habits of mind to be successful lifelong learners. iPriory is a blended learning experience that combines both online and face-to-face opportunities.

The Personalized Schedule – Priory high school students enjoy a personalized schedule that is built around student interests, skill sets, and aspirations. Each student builds her schedule in consultation with academic staff, choosing the best mix of online and face-to-face learning opportunities, including classes at Hawai`i Pacific University and business internships.