Upper School 7-12

At The Priory, your daughter will have opportunities to stretch and grow through the school’s rigorous academic program. A rich array of student life programs, including art and music, service leadership and athletics will round out her experience. The Priory is regarded for its thoughtful, research-based programs geared specifically to the needs of girls. The result of which is that 100% of our graduates go on to college, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to be successful. In addition to receiving an exemplary college-prep education, your daughter will make life-long friendships and be immersed in a supportive environment that encourages her to explore and pursue her passions.

The Priory is committed to fostering children who are happy, resilient, thoughtful, and reflective. Through girl-centric social-emotional programs such as mindfulness and Girls Circle, our students learn how to develop their awareness and empathy to self and others, growing into ethical and moral community members, locally and globally. They build inner strength to be agile in an ever changing world, persist in the face of adversity in pursuit of their passions, and serve others with kindness and compassion.