A Pre-K through Grade 12 Coordinate School Located in Honolulu

About Our Program

St. Andrew’s Priory is committed to the intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual development of each girl. Priory students thrive in a learning environment that fosters inquiry and intellectual risk taking, and where she will be encouraged to problem solve, imagine, and ask, “How else? Why? and What if?” Social-emotional learning goes hand in hand with personalized learning and differentiated instruction.

Our program is crafted to provide our students with a rich variety of opportunities to personalize their learning to discover and cultivate their individual passions. Our students practice the concepts and skills they learn in a variety of settings and engage in meaningful and relevant work serving our community. They pursue a line of inquiry deeply and actively problem-solve and create solutions. They are profoundly aware of the issues that impact our community, nation, and the world and take action to contribute to a bright future. They express their creativity and originality in a variety of ways, whether it is through film, painting, graphic design, music, or engineering projects. Through our challenging and inspiring program, our students develop the character and mindset to reflect, persist, and succeed in college, career, and life.

Points of Pride

Personalized Schedule

Priory high school students enjoy a personalized schedule that is built around student interests, skillsets, and aspirations. Each student builds her schedule through one-on-one consultation with academic staff, choosing the best mix of online, iPriory, and face-to-face learning opportunities during the school day,, whether it is in the classroom, at Hawaii Pacific University, or downtown workplace internships. This experience builds self-directed learners by encouraging students to manage their learning process, growing their sense of independence and confidence, while retaining and supporting the richness of student life that can only be sustained and cultivated through meaningful, face-to-face interactions.

Career Exploration & Readiness Program

St. Andrew’s Priory is footsteps from the seat of government, businesses, nonprofit organizations, arts & cultural centers and healthcare systems. Our program leverages the school’s Downtown Honolulu location to nurture the next generation of women leaders through networking, mentoring and internships in the heart of the city. We envision young women of influence who contribute to Hawaii and the world. Career Exploration honors our founder Queen Emma by continuing her legacy of leadership and service. Sophomores and juniors explore career opportunities and industries in Downtown Honolulu, assess and develop their unique strengths, receive professional development in business etiquette, resume writing, public speaking, and interview skills, and apply their skills to planning Girls’ Summit conference. The program culminates in internships during senior year in a downtown Honolulu location during the school day, engaging students by providing relevant, real-life experiences in the workplace, developing essential skills such as networking, collaboration, and flexibility, and working on impactful and authentic projects with the guidance of mentors at the internship sites.

The Stevens Global Leadership Program

In a fast-paced, ever changing, and fluid world, our students must cultivate the character, capabilities, and will to contribute to a bright future. The Stevens Global Leadership Program offers engaging and challenging learning experiences where

  • Investigate the world beyond their immediate environment, deeply engaging in inquiry about significant global issues that affect peace,
  • Recognize, articulate, and explain multiple perspectives, aware and respectful of how religious, cultural, geopolitical and historical backgrounds shape individual viewpoints, including their own,
  • Construct and articulate their own unique perspectives about how the world works based upon sustained inquiry of global issues that affect peace,
  • Communicate and engage with audiences of diverse backgrounds, recognizing and overcoming linguistic, ideological, cultural, and geographic barriers,
  • Take action through networking, collaboration, negotiation, and/or compromise, seeing themselves as positive, powerful agents for peace (locally, regionally, and/or globally),
  • Cultivate awareness and engage in thoughtful reflection to instill an empathetic, peace-building mindset (Reference: Education for Global Competence: Preparing Our Youth to Engage the World).


Our approach to learning creates opportunities for high school students to strengthen their higher order thinking skills and develop strong habits of mind to be successful lifelong learners. Students participate in academically engaging, rigorous courses through iPriory, a blended learning experience that combines both online and face-to-face opportunities. By engaging in a variety of online, face-to-face, and flexible meeting environments, teachers tailor their instruction to the needs of each learner. iPriory students:

  • Engage in active face-to-face learning that help students reinforce their learning, hone their critical thinking and problem solving skills, express their creativity, make connections, and create their own knowledge.
  • Develop independence, a sense of responsibility, proactive communication, self- advocacy and time management skills.
  • Obtain the skills necessary to successfully navigate and learn from a myriad of learning environments.


A leader in educational innovation, The Priory recognizes that our girls need to rise to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing, complex world. Of particular urgency to girls and young women, and society in general, is the need to close the large gap in STEM leadership, particularly in the fields of mathematics, engineering, computer sciences, and physical sciences.

The Priory offers a thoughtful curriculum specifically leveraging girls’ strengths and tailored to their needs:

  • Students build awareness of STEM- and STEAM-related careers through guest speakers and learning trips.
  • As brain research has clearly shown, learning happens best when student engagement is sparked by using the left (analytical) and right (creative) brain that sparks a sense of wonder and curiosity. Leveraging our girls’ artistic and creative strengths, The Priory utilizes the arts as an access point to scientific, mathematics, and technical concepts and skills using an interdisciplinary approach.
  • A robust, relevant, and engaging curriculum, including opportunities in computer programming, engineering, and competitions, offers multiple hands-on opportunities that challenge our students to think critically, ask good questions, exercise their creativity, and share their knowledge with others.
  • Students build confidence by developing the ability to think like engineers and scientists from Kindergarten, utilizing the Engineering Design Process to ask, imagine, plan, and create towards collaboratively creating solutions to problems as well as engaging in the scientific method.