Grades 9-12

High school students at The Priory engage in an inspirational learning journey full of discovery, deep inquiry, practice, creation, and self-reflection through disciplinary and interdisciplinary study of the arts, humanities, and sciences. Through their journey, our students develop dispositions such as agility, adaptability, curiosity, open-mindedness, growth mindset, and ability to collaborate, all critical to success in learning and in life. Whether it’s through conducting labs, coding, writing poetry, or performing on stage or enjoying nature treks and learning trips, designing and participating in student-led conferences, or interning at downtown business and non-profits, students at The Priory are actively engaged in exploration, investigation, and reflection both on and off campus.

Our girls build personalized pathways to self-discovery through the course of their studies. They take advantage of opportunities to apply their learning to issues of local and global significance, contributing to making this world a better place.