Letter from the Director


Priory in the City is the signature program we wish we had in high school!

We prototyped a summer initiative where students learned from business leaders in our community. After discovering that 100% of participants thought the program was valuable, we saw an opportunity to leverage our downtown location to provide real-world learning experiences for high school students.

We met with board trustees and community leaders to gain valuable insight on designing Priory in the City as a networking, mentoring and internship experience. We learned that scheduling was a challenge and students needed time to be at their internships, so we created a flexible school schedule.

Currently, we work with 10th - 12th graders. We coach sophomores on developing their passion, juniors on designing their path and seniors on delivering their personal brand.

My favorite part of Priory in the City is seeing students realize their strengths and passions. Often the recognition comes during a 1:1 coaching session when a student is developing her resume. Other times it comes when students are preparing their presentations and reflecting on who they are, their place in the world and how they contribute.

There are beautiful moments when students glimpse their potential and start to envision what is possible. The excitement and positive energy are contagious. Our Priory in the City initiative even inspired me to attend graduate school!

We look forward to growing this initiative at The Priory, and utilizing a similar approach for The Prep.


Marcie Uehara Herring
Director of Career Counseling
Priory in the City Coach