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Who We Are

At St. Andrew’s Schools, we know that success builds success and outcomes matter. At every stage of their learning, we set the conditions for success, so our students are future-ready and prepared for what comes next.

We see their confidence and capacity grow as they explore solutions to real-world challenges and make strong moral choices for a better tomorrow.

Our small classes allow caring, supportive teachers to guide each student through authentic learning experiences. Navigating obstacles is a natural part of the process. This kind of learning connects our students to the world and inspires them to be innovative change-makers.

More than 150 years after our founding, we are proud that the legacy of Queen Emma shines through in the way our students develop as courageous and compassionate leaders.


In a single-gender setting, our students experience an environment where there are no gender-based limits to excelling as a learner or a leader.
Personalization at St. Andrew’s Schools starts with single-gender education in the classroom. Research confirming that girls and boys learn differently informs our overall approaches to teaching. More importantly, it serves as a launching point for a better understanding of each student. We have the advantage of being able to further our students’ social and emotional learning effectively as a class as well as through individual interactions.
What makes us unique is our coordinate education: a girls’ school (K-12) and a boys’ school (K-6) in separate buildings on the same campus with a shared administration and support services. Our girls and boys learn alongside each other while enjoying opportunities to mix academically and socially, such as at all-school events and during after school programs.

Our Mission

To bring out the best in each student and empower them to Kūlia i ka Nuʻu – Strive for the Highest.

Our Vision

A world where all children are given the opportunity to learn, grow, and lead with their hearts, minds, and spirits to make their communities more humane and just.


The coral cross in the center of Robinson Courtyard symbolizes the spiritual life of St. Andrew’s. While Christian in its foundation, St. Andrew’s Schools is an inclusive environment where children of all backgrounds and faith traditions are welcome and valued.

The Priory Lower School, Upper School, and The Prep have separate weekly chapel services. This allows for developmentally appropriate activities, leadership opportunities, and the space to explore themes relevant to each student’s experience. The larger community gathers for all-school chapel approximately once a month to celebrate holidays and special occasions in the historic Cathedral of St. Andrew.