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Campus Health and Safety

At St. Andrew's Schools, the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff are a top priority.

We calibrate our school operations and teaching to the most current health conditions by monitoring the latest information from the HawaiĘ»i State Department of Health (HDOH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and by collecting and analyzing school data. Any updates or changes to campus operations due to health and safety concerns will be emailed or texted to our families and employees.

Our most important practices to combat COVID-19 and other infections are staying home when sick or showing symptoms, staying up to date on vaccinations, and regular, thorough handwashing. We strongly encourage all eligible members of our school community to stay up to date with all available vaccinations to maintain a strong, healthy immune system.

St. Andrew’s Schools remains committed to providing our students with an exceptional education in the safest and most supportive way possible. Maintaining a healthy environment is paramount; mahalo for vigilance and dedication from all members of our extended school ‘ohana.

Photo of student with a sign that says %22Be a Germ-Buster%22