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May Day 2022


May Day Court 2022 Procession

"He Manaʻo Koʻu Iā ʻOe"
Traditional | Performed by Keao Costa
May Day Court 2022
Hawaiʻi | Emali Muamai Mikiala Malohi - Papa 2023 • Maui | Lesley Konatsu Bray-Toguchi - Papa 2022
Oʻahu | Meenakshi Maiju Kutty - Papa 2022 • Kauaʻi | Gabrielle Mitsuko Leikiele Bowles - Papa 2024
Molokaʻi | ShayLynn Kapoliokamala Anderson-Agpaoa - Papa 2023 • Lānaʻi | Mikayla Junko Kanoelani Maeshiro - Papa 2022
Niʻihau | Saniya Kaleihiwa Uaea Ulukita - Papa 2024 • Kahoʻolawe | Kaysea Kimiko Nakamura - Papa 2023
May Day Queen | Pilialoha Dayna Jones - Papa 2022
Attendants | Tatum Crockett, Ilikea Kawakami-Kauweloa, Hannah Moses, Lindley Laʻi Reyes, Nicole Takahashi, and Julie Wong

Lower School – The Priory and The Prep



"Nā Hala o Naue" 

J. Kahinu
Performed by Keao Costa the Priory Class of 2022
This mele mākaʻikaʻi, or travel chant, was inspired by Queen Emma’s trip to Kauaʻi in 1871, where she traveled by horseback to the peak of Waiʻaleʻale. Queen Emma is compared to a lehua blossom that the people of the island admired. The mele speaks of a legendary hala, or pandanus grove, that can be seen swaying from the heights of Hāʻena. It also honors Queen Emma’s name, Kaleleonālani, or the flight of the royal ones.

The Priory – Middle School

"Ua Nani ʻo Nuʻuanu" 
Traditional/Eddie Kamae  Performed by the St. Andrew’s Schools - The Priory Chamber Choir
Ua Nani ʻo Nuʻuanu honors the ahupuaʻa in which our schools reside. This song highlights the famous locations in Nuʻuanu where the Queen Emma Summer Palace is located.  Queen Emma’s husband, King Kamehameha IV, is honored in this mele.

The Priory – Grades 9-11


Performed by Kumu Kaʻilihiwa Vaughan-Darval

This lesser-known chant for Queen Emma compares her to the majestic height of the famous mountain of Hāʻupu on the island of Kauaʻi. This song takes us on a journey throughout the island, naming famous places which she often visited. She was greatly admired by the people of Kauaʻi.

The Priory, Class of 2022

Kalalea, also known as He Mele No ʻEmalani, is a chant that honors Queen Emma and commemorates a mid-19th-century royal visit to Kauaʻi when she toured all the places mentioned in the chant. Kalalea is the name of the prominent peak overlooking the land division of Anahola on the east side of the island. The text of this hula ʻulīʻulī was preserved by hula master ʻĪlālāʻole who taught it to Mary Kawena Pukui.

Daughters of the Priory Presentation – Nicole Takahashi, solo hula

"Ka Wailele o Nuʻuanu"
Jay Kauka, Sr.
Performed by Bowe Souza and The Priory Class of 2022
Each year, students who have dedicated their entire educational journey to St. Andrew’s Schools from Kindergarten through Grade 12 earn the distinction of Daughters of the Priory. This performance, featuring Nicole Takahashi, a Daughter of the Priory, and the Senior Class of 2022, honors our sense of place in the mele: Ka Wailele o Nuʻuanu. Each Daughter of the Priory is adorned in lei of red.

May Day Court

"Wahine Holo Lio"
Performed by Kawai Cockett

Queen Emma was famous for being an accomplished equestrian and known for her horsemanship. This mele inoa presented by our Court is called Wahine Hololio. Mele inoa, are songs and chants written to honor chiefs or royalty and usually tell of one’s high birth and genealogy or something the person was noted for. The song depicts Queen Emma as she rides her horse named Kīnaʻu, with ribbons fluttering in the wind.


May Day Queen – Pilialoha Dayna Jones, solo hula

"Kūliaikanuʻu" Kahauanu Lake
Performed by Kahauanu Lake Trio
Kūlia i ka Nuʻu is the motto of Queen Kapiʻolani, and translates to “Strive for the Highest”. This is also the motto of St. Andrew’s Schools. Our May Day Queen represents St. Andrew’s Schools and embodies the values and grace of our beloved Queen Emma Kaleleonālani. With gracefulness of hands and feet, our Queen exudes dignity and pride.